Ariq Böke
Biographical Information



Warrior / General


Mongolian Empire



Cause of Death

Killed in single combat by Kublai Khan

Killed By

Kublai Khan

Relationship Information
Significant Other(s)

Kublai Khan (brother)
Empress Chabi (sister in-law)
Prince Jingim (nephew)
Khutulun (niece)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam

First Appearance

The Wayfarer

Latest Appearance

The Wolf and the Deer


Ariq Böke was the envious younger brother of Kublai Khan. He thirsts for his throne and his position as Khan of Khans. He is later killed.

Episode 1

Ariq is supposed to reinforce Jingim's siege of Wuchang but never arrives.

Episode 2

During the initial siege of Wuchang, Ariq fails to bring reinforcements. Jingim meets with him in episode 2 to test his diplomatic skills. Marco notices that he has not prepared enough grains for a field campaign and conculdes that Ariq never intended to bring reinforcements. At first Kublai doesn't wish to believe, but rallies his troops for a civil war. On the battlefield Kublai challenges Ariq to a duel, ultimately beheading him.

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