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The Blue Princess
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Mongol Empire, China


Blue Princess



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Esther Low


Kokachin is the "Blue Princess" of a city conquered by the Mongols.

Season 1

Nergui was a servant of Kokachin, the Blue Princess of the Bayaut tribe. The leaders of the Bayaut tribe rebelled against Kublai Khan. In retribution, Kublai's army committed genocide against the tribe, wiping it out entirely. The real Kokachin knew she would be spared due to her royal blood and her value as a political pawn, decided to commit suicide rather than become a prisoner of war or becoming one of Khan's concubines. As a slave, Nergui would have been considered useless to the Khan and have been killed or thrown away. After Kokachin stabbed herself, Nergui knew the only way to survive was to impersonate her former mistress, and she took on Kokachin's identity. 

Season 2

The real blue princess returns from death in season 2 after having heard of Nergui's betrayal of their clan, by willfully giving herself over to Kublai as a hostage, Nergui having now married the Khans son, she approaches Nergui speaking of how she wishes her title and life back having realised how much she missed living as a princess and having taken note of how much the khan and his son has given Nergui. (Lullaby, Episode 5)


Season 2

Episode 8

Episode 9


  • Killed the last remaining member of her kingdom in series, however in real life the Bayaut went on to become the modern Bayad which are the third largest subgroup in modern Mongolia.

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