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Cause of Death


Killed By

Kublai Khan

Relationship Information
Significant Other(s)

Kublai Khan (nephew)
Empress Chabi (niece in-law)
Prince Jingim(great nephew)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Ron Yuan

Latest Appearance

"Heirs" Episode 9, Season 2


Prince Nayan was a prince of the Borjigin royal family of the Mongol Empire. He is the uncle of Kublai Khan and raised a noteworthy and serious rebellion against the Mongolian Khagan. He was a Nestorian Christian. Much of what is known of Nayan was recorded by the Venetian traveller Marco Polo.

Season 2

Nayan meets with Marco Polo's father who leads him to meet Pope Gregory, who is intent on getting Nayan to rebel against Kublai for fear that Kublai shall soon head westward in order to conquer it, Gregory discusses with Nayan on how he became a christian while living in a nomadic wasteland and Nayan tells of his meeting with the legendary Christian figure Prester John, at the end of the episode he is baptised. (Let God's Work Begin, Episode 4)

Kublai Khan and Nayan in a final battle converse, Nayan reveals Ahmad had an even greater part in the betrayal of Kublai. Kublai Khan gives Nayan the honor of choosing his own death. Nayan decides to be crucified, probably to reflect his faith choice. (Heirs, Episode 9)


"The chasm between Kaidu and myself is vast and I don't like him." (Prince Nayan, S2E6)


The show implies Nayan enjoys the company of children as Ahmad speaks of gifting Mei Lin's young and only daughter, Ling-Ling to Nayan. Viewers can see how Nayan struggles with this infliction, he makes reference to his "sin" in a conversation with Ahmad over Ling Ling.