One Hundred Eyes
Season 2, Episode 0
One Hundred Eyes
Episode Information
Written By

John Fusco

Directed By

Alik Sakharov

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The Heavenly and Primal
Hunter and the Sable Weaver

"One Hundred Eyes" is a Christmas special episode that was released on December 26, 2015, between the first and the second season of Marco Polo. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall. It was written by executive producer John Fusco and directed by Alik Sakharov


The episode shows the origin of Hundred Eyes and how his relationship with Kublai Khan and Prince Jingim came to be.




Guest starring

  • Sam Jellie as young Prince Jingim
  • Masayoshi Haneda as Son of Subutai
  • Alfred Loh
  • Shane Rangi
  • Marcus Mok

Cast notes


  • Daniel Minahan - Executive Producer.
  • Elizabeth Sarnoff - Executive Producer.
  • John Fusco - Creator/Writer/Executive Producer.
  • Harvey Weinstein - Executive Producer.
  • Peter Friedlander - Executive Producer.
  • Bob Weinstein - Executive Producer.
  • Patrick Macmanus - Executive Producer.
  • Joachim Rønning - Executive Producer.
  • Espen Sandberg - Executive Producer.
  • Ben Silverman - Executive Producer.
  • Chris Grant - Executive Producer.
  • Richard Sharkey - Producer.
  • Collin Creighton - Producer.
  • Kate Barnow - Consulting Producer.
  • Malcolm Jamieson - Editor.
  • Michael Berenbaum - Editor.
  • Lilly Kilvert - Production Designer.
  • Gavin Struthers - Director of Photography.
  • Peter Nashel - Composer.
  • Eric V. Hachikian - Composer.
  • Milica Stanković - Casting Director.
  • Elaine Grainger - Casting Director.
  • Miranda Rivers - Casting Director.
  • Tina Cleary - Casting Director.
  • Tim Yip - Costume Designer.
  • Jo Korer - Costume Designer.
  • Tim Coddington - Co-Producer.
  • Howard Ellis - Producer.
  • Adam Goodman - Producer.
  • Gergő Balika - Producer.



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