Biographical Information



Mongolian Empire



Relationship Information
Significant Other(s)

Kaidu (Son)
Khutulun (Grand-daughter)
Orus (Grand-son)
Two unnamed grandchildren † Khasi (Husband)
Kublai Khan (Nephew)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Jacqueline Chan


Shakana is a shaman of the Ögedei tribe and the mother of Kaidu.

Season 2

She frequents the season often giving advice to Kaidu after he has proclaimed a challenge to take on Kublai Khans throne over mongolia, but also often berating him, wanting her son to rise and become something more powerful then he shows himself off to be.

She and her shaman bretheren are shown chanting over Kaidu as she feeds him a mysterious substance, making him somewhat hallucinate, this is in order for him to cast out the "weakness" that has been passed through his bloodline, having her shaman bretheren smack and beat him with sticks along his back to cast out the spirits of his weak ancestors from his body, and at the end of the episode she alone witnesses Kaidu do the walk of fire along flaming hot coals and places a fur over his back asking him if he is ready. (Lullaby, Episode 5)


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